Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prepare for home prices to drop: Vancouver houses overvalued by 11 per cent, according to a UBC study of real estate

The study of Vancouver house price showed overvalued by 11 per cent on a particular measure. Prices are falling at a rate of 10 per cent or more this year.
Metro Vancouver's average house price, $754,500, was overvalued 11-percent higher than the balance point. Besides, the housing affordability was considered as a serious problem in some Canadian cities, because of the ability of markets.
Prices of The Vancouver's houses can be stagnated over a period of time, like it had happened through the middle 1990s until 2001. Many houses have been built in Vancouver, at a much higher rate than household formation in the city during the up-cycle.
It is supposed that the little evidence of 'calamity' in the market was caused because of affordability. Many first-time buyers were squeezed out of the market for prices to rise higher.
It is believed that in 2009, the real estate market will find a new balance.

Newspaper: The Vancouver Sun (Business BC), Section D, Tuesday, September 9, 2008. By Derrick Penner.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Health depends of the kind of life that you have

Since I arrived in Vancouver, I've been taking time out for myself every weekend. In other words, I'm doing many new things in my life that I've never done before.

I'm quite open-minded about new challenges in my life. I'm spending my free time doing lots of things that are good for my mind, my body and my spirit.

Every other day I've been running about 30 minutes in the park near my homestay.

In addition, I do differents kinds of exercise every weekend. I've gone hiking and kayaking. I've done this in various places around Vancouver: Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Lynn Canyon and Grouise Mountain. Because of this, I appreciate nature.

As a result of a lot of exercise, I've been feeling relaxed.

Although I spend a lot of time doing exercise, I've also found time to do something for my mind and my spirit.

I have friends in my country, Brazil. I feel better when I cheer my friends up. Based of this, I spend time on Messenger and send e-mail to my friends. Talk about my life and ask them about their life. Besides, I like to listen to differents genre of music and I like to read books.

Although I haven't been meditating, I've prayed regularly and I've gotten in touch with the nature, in Vancouver.